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What are Rover Cards and how do I send them?

Rover Cards give you the option to share information with your pet owners through the Rover app. You can send Rover Cards for walks, drop-ins, and day care services. 

Rover Cards allow you to share the following information:

  • A map of your walk with total distance (if applicable)
  • At least one photo and an optional short message
  • Potty breaks
  • Food and water activity

Note: Rover Cards are needed for payment to process after a recurring service. If you prefer not to use a Rover Card, you can book each service separately as a non-recurring service.

How to start and send a Rover Card

Use of Rover Card data

Additional information 

How to start and send a Rover Card

Note: In order to send Rover Cards, you need the Rover app. Download the app for free here.

You should start a Rover Card right when the service starts. This could be when the walk begins or when the pet enters your care—whatever you’ve agreed to with the pet owner.

  1. Open the Rover app and tap Home at the bottom of your screen.
    Note: If you don't see the Home tab, sign out and close the app, then reopen it and sign back in.


  2. When you’re ready to begin a service, tap Start.


  3. During the service, take a photo and track any events that happen by tapping the icons for pee, poo, food, and water breaks.


  4. When you’re done, tap Stop to stop the clock.


  5. Write an optional message, review the Rover Card, and make any edits you need. Then, tap Send to send it to your pet owner.

Tip: You can navigate away from an active Rover Card to use other apps on your phone during the service. The card will continue to run until you tap Stop. To reopen an active card, tap Home and select Open. 

To view past Rover Cards you’ve sent, tap More at the bottom of your screen and then tap Rover Cards.

Use of Rover Card data

It’s always up to you whether or not to use a Rover Card to share information with your pet owners. If you’d prefer not to use Rover Cards, that’s fine too — you can always arrange to provide walks, drop-ins, and day care services for your pet owners without them.

Rover Cards allow you to share information with your pet owners about the services you provide, such as the start time, stop time, length of service, photos, route of your walk, and other details.

Rover Cards are meant for you and your pet owners. Rover doesn't compile or analyse time data about individual sitters or use time data to make decisions about individual sitters. Additionally, Rover Cards don't collect information about vehicle mileage.

In limited circumstances, Rover may need to access or consider time data about an individual sitter if reasonably necessary to respond to a question from the sitter about their account, promote the safety of people or pets, address concerns about fraudulent or illegal use of the platform, as required by law, or in connection with legal matters.

Additional information

  • Your pet owners don’t need the app to get Rover Cards, but we highly recommend they download it. The app makes it easy to get updates and book services on-the-go.

  • It isn’t possible to resend a Rover Card. Your pet owner can view these at any time via Rover Messages or through the app by tapping More > Rover Cards.

  • Booked walks and drop-ins are typically 30 minutes. However, if you and the pet owner want to book a longer service, we recommend booking back-to-back services. Go here for tips on how to adjust your rates on a per booking basis.

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